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FTTH Indoor Cable

FTTH indoor cables are used inside buildings or houses; it connects to the FTTH user end equipment. Along with the fast development of the fiber optic networks and broadband LANs, FTTH indoor cables are more and more used to meet the requirement for optical fiber to be deployed to the homes and houses.


  • Flat indoor FTTH drop cable (GJXFH-1B6)                                                         
  • Cable type                           GJXFH-1B6
  • Cable specification           3.0*2.0
  • Fiber color                          blue
  • Fiber type                            9/125
  • Sheath color                       Black/white
  • Sheath material                 LSZH
  • Cable dimension (mm)     3.0(±0.1)*2.0(±0.1)
  • Cable weight (Kg/Km)      10.9
  • Min. bending radius 
  • (rip off the messenger wire) mm               B6a:15(static) 30(dynamic)                                     B6a:10(static) 25(dynamic)
  • Attenuation dB/Km          ≤0.34 at 1310nm, ≤0.22 at 1550nm
  • Short tension (N)               200
  • Short crush (N/100m)      2200
  • Operation temperature   -5~+50 Relative to 20°C, fiber addition attenuation ≤0.2dB/Km

Indoor Type

indoor fiber optical cable, suitable for indoor application, is a fiber optic cable laid in a building, and is mainly used for communication equipment, computers, switches and end user equipment. FTTH Drop Cable is commonly known as indoor hanging wiring cable. FTTH Drop Cable is mostly single-core and double-core structure. It can also be made into a 4,8 or 12 cores structure with a cross-section of 8-shaped.