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What is FTTx?
Although FTTH (or, for businesses, FTTP: Fiber to the Premises) is the most commonly referenced “Fiber to the...” architecture, there are actually many. “FTTx” refers to this group of related but functionally distinct technologies.
3 Common Subsets of FTTx:
1-FTTN (Fiber to the Node).
In this architecture, fiber is used to transport data to an access node that serves a large number of nearby customers. The “last mile” connection (which may be much longer than a mile) to individual subscribers is carried over copper lines, which are already deployed in most areas.
2-FTTC (Fiber to the Cabinet)
The next major progression from FTTN is FTTC, in which fiber extends much closer to the customer’s property. As an example, fiber might extend from a node to a cabinet that serves a few dozen homes in a neighborhood. FTTC reduces the distance data must travel over copper lines, increasing bandwidth.
3-FTTH (Fiber to the Home)
In the FTTH model, fiber continues all the way to a box on the customer’s property, typically attached to the house. This eliminates all copper use between the provider and the customer site, which skyrockets the bandwidth that can


According to National Transformation plan 2020 and vision 2030

  • FTTx Coverage:
  • will cover  2.5 million additional premises with FTTP by end of 2020
  • an increase from 44% TO 80% In densely populated areas in 2.5 years


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