SC, SC/APC, ST, ST/APC,FC, FC/APC, LC, LC/APC, MT-RJ ,MPO,MTP,E2000,E2000/APC,bunch/ribbon/bundle fan out fiber optic pigtails

Fiber Optic Pigtail

We are supplier of fiber pigtails SC, SC/APC, ST, ST/APC,FC, FC/APC, LC, LC/APC, MT-RJ ,MPO,MTP,E2000,E2000/APC,bunch/ribbon/ fiber optic pigtails.

  • Pigtail SC /APC, SM, 9/125, 0,9mm, G652D 
  • Pigtail SC/UPC , MM, 50/125,  0,9mm, OM2 
  • Pigtail SC/UPC,  MM, 50/125,  0,9mm, OM3 
  • Pigtail SC/UPC,  MM, 62.5/125,  0,9mm, OM1 
  • Pigtail SC/UPC,  SM, 9/125,  0,9mm,  G652D 
  • Pigtail LC/APC,  SM, 9/125,  0,9mm,  G652D 
  • Pigtail  LC/UPC , MM,  50/125, 0,9mm,  OM2 
  • Pigtail LC/UPC , MM, 50/125 , 0,9mm , OM3 
  • Pigtail LC/UPC , MM, 62.5/125 , 0,9mm , OM1 
  • Pigtail LC/UPC,  SM, 9/125,  0,9mm,  G652D 
  • Pigtail FC/UPC,  MM, 50/125,  0,9mm, OM2 
  • Pigtail FC/UPC,  SM, 9/125,  0,9mm,  G652D 
  • Pigtail ST/UPC,  MM, 50/125,  0,9mm,  OM2 
  • Pigtail ST/UPC, SM, 9/125,  0,9mm,  G652D  
  • Pigtail E2000/APC, SM,  9/125,  0,9mm, G652D
  • Pigtail E2000/UPC, SM, 9/125, 0,9mm,  G652D


  • SC Fiber Optic Pigtail: It is with one piece construction and pulls proof design. SC is low cost but high performance, which makes it one of the most popular cables.

  • LC Fiber Optic Pigtail: LC fiber optic pigtail connectors feature the RJ-45 style interface with low insertion loss and low back reflection; it is with high precision alignment and is widely used all over the world. It is with zirconia ceramic ferrule.

  • ST Fiber Optic Pigtail :ST fiber optic pigtail connector is with metal outer body and with a long spring loaded ferrule hold the optical fiber. ST Cable can be 9/125 single mode or 50/125 multimode or 62.5/125 multimode. ST fiber pigtails connector ferrule interface can be PC, UPC or APC.

  • FC Fiber Optic Pigtail: The FC connector is with PC, UPC, APC versions. Both single mode and multimode versions come with a zirconia ceramic ferrule.

  • MU Fiber Optic Pigtail : It is with tunable zirconia connector ferrule and features the small size, optical and mechanism performance is similar as the SC. this pigtail has zirconia ceramic ferrule.

  • MTRJ Fiber Optic Pigtail:The MTRJ fiber optic pigtail cable end is made of a duplex precision molded MT feruled connector.  MTRJ is a plastic ferrule connected pigtail.

  • E2000 Fiber Optic Pigtail:The E2000 fiber optic pigtail connector is one of the few fiber optic connectors featuring a spring-loaded shutter which fully protects the ferrule from dust and scratches. 

  • DIN Fiber Optic Pigtail: DIN fiber optic pigtail connector feature a single unit body with spring-loaded free floating zirconia ferrule.