Standard Switch Cabinet

Being 800mm wide, the Spectra Standard Switch Cabinet caters for the housing of active components requiring front to rear as well as side to side air flow for optimal system cooling. Available in a range of depths including 600mm, 800mm and 1,000mm the cabinets can be configured to match the size and configuration of active components to be housed. The Standard Switch Cabinet can be enhanced with a range of baffles and blanking options to optimize cooling efficiency thereby reducing the cost of operation.
Each Standard Server Cabinet comprises;
  • Basic frame with jacking feet with the option to blank off the base aperture for controlled air flow.
  • 2 x pairs of fully adjustable 19-inch mounting angles
  • Top panel with knock outs providing incoming power / data cabling segregation
  • Plain infill top panels (see page 5 for configuration)
  • Plain lockable side panels both sides
  • Front vented steel door with single point locking swing handle.
  • Rear double vented steel door with two point locking swing handle
  • Front and rear doors incorporate 80% free area perforation pattern providing best in class air flow
  • Doors are fully upgradable to 3-point latching
  • Cabinets finished Light Grey (NCS1502-Y) with Blue (NCS 4550-R90B) trim and hardware
  • Cabinets supplied assembled and palletize

Switch Cabinet Configuration

Switch+ Series - Floor Standing

  • Ideal for equipment and server installations
  • Design based upon 600, 800 and 1000 series
  • Full width vented front door
  • Wardrobe style vented rear doors
  • Ideal for equipment and server installations l Available in a choice of 42u and 47u heights l 400kg load bearing capacity
  • ISO 9001 manufacturing and assembly facility.