• Single mode:              FC/UPC, SC/UPC, ST/UPC, LC/UPC, LC/APC, FC/APC, SC/APC, MTRJ (w/o pin), MTRJ (w/ pin), MU/UPC, MU/APC, E2000/UPC, E2000/APC
  • Multimode:                 FC, SC, ST, LC, MTRJ (w/o pin), MTRJ (w/ pin)
  • MTP/MPO solution  Male , Femail

MPO / MTP Connectors

MPO or MTP terminated cables are widely used in high density cabling environments like data centers. Traditional, tight-buffered multi-fibre cable needs to have each fiber individually terminated by a skilled technician. MPO cable which carries multiple fibers, comes pre-terminated. Factory terminated MPO / MTP connectors  commonly have either 12 fiber or 24 fiber array.

MPO is a fiber connector type while MTP is a registered trademark of an MPO connector manufactured by US Conec. All MTPs are MPOs but not all MPOs are MTPs. MPO stands for Multi-Fiber Push On. This connector is commonly used to terminate multi-fiber ribbon connections in indoor environments.  

MTP is a brand name for an MPO connector manufactured by US Conec. It conforms to MPO specs. MTP stands for “Multi-fiber Termination Push-on” connector. MTP connectors are engineered for high mechanical and optical specs. Some of these features are covered by patents.