FTB 2,4,12 24 is the unit that connect the end customer with FTTH network through the  Drop cable  and then with the ONT the active unit inside the  subscriber home.FTB  24  connect multiple  houses customer.The FTB 24shall be used to provide an intermediate connection or interfacing point between Operator's main fiber optic entrance cable facilities and the outer wall building's fiber optic cabling system on the customer side


The Optical Termination Box shall be designed and constructed to be suitable for in & outdoor installation. The housing shall be sufficiently sturdy to withstand typical handling and installation procedures. The design and layout of the cable guides shall promote an efficient and ordered positioning of the cable within the box. Placement of the incoming cables shall allow convenient access for installation, maintenance and subsequent termination of additional secondary cable. All components of the termination box shall be of high quality design, workmanship and finish.


Used for splicing fiber optic cables, connection fiber optic circuits and storing excess fiber

  • Simple and clearly arranged cable management
  • Built in half turn key lock for security
  • Engineered fiber routing protects bend radius throughout the unit to ensure signal ingegrity
  • Silicon gasket inserted for water proofing
  • RN tray for accommodating splitters
  • Multiple cable holder for drop cable routing

Fiber Termination Box (FTB), Outdoor, 4 Fibers

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Fiber Termination Box, Outdoor, 24 Fibers

FTB  24 is the unit that connect the end customer with FTTH network through the  Drop cable  and then with the ONT the active unit inside the  subscriber home. FTB  24  connect multiple  houses customer.

Outer Case

It is made by high strength plastic and anti corrosive stainless steel, so that have excellent resistance against solvents & stress and durability against external conditions.

  • Inside wall has structured to protect optical cable or the connection part of optical cable from external conditions by silicone rubber which is strong enough for water and installed inside of it.
  • Could be openable in the front, and it’s cover have locking system with timer and openable very softly with excellent design.
  • Has supporting lever which can be installed easily for any kind of mounting conditions such as pole, wall and so on.


The shell can have one lockable door. The door shall preferably be locked by means of a key. The locking mechanism shall be sufficiently robust to prevent unauthorized entry.

Optical Splitter Tray

  • inlet parts in the tray, available to meet the requirements for FTTH network
  • Supply tray to fix two splitter, and structured to protect any impact or vibration thru fixed tight in splicing tray.
  • Supply enough space to keep & store the minimum surplus radius range of insert cable and supporting bar to protect against external conditions.(impact or vibration).

Optical Adaptor Bracket

  • Designed supply the space to install the Adapter / connector easily.
  • Structured precisely to use 4 or 12core and fix the optical connector firmly then the connector couldn’t be removed and defected by physical power such as impact, vibration. 


  • All external metal components shall be stainless steel or metal with equivalent corrosion resistance.
  • All internal metal components shall be suitably protected against corrosion.
FTB 24