Wall Mount Cabinet Double Section

Designed for indoor applications.
  • Available in 5 usable heights (see
  • reference chart).
  • Consists of two basic parts:
  1. 19" part with safety glass or steel door,
  2. wall-mounted part with removable rear panel.
  • A standard cabinet is equipped with two easily adjustable mounting angles spaced at 19",
  • The steel door and rear panel are
  • provided with earthing cables.
  •  The wall part of the cabinet has
  • two cable openings. One cable
  • opening is completed with a
  • brush strip, the other is covered
  • with knock-out blanking plate.
  •  The door opening direction and
  • cable opening layout can be
  • easily changed by rotating the
  • cabinet by 180°.
  •  Wide range of supplementary
  • accessories: shelves, drawers, fan
  • kit, power strips, blanking plates,
  • earthing bar etc.
  •  Cabinet can be equipped with
  • additional rear adjustable 19"
  • mounting angles or mounting
  • profiles

Double Section Configuration


  • Choice of 390mm, 500mm and 600mm depths
  • Available in 6 heights, 6u, 9u, 12u, 15u, 18u and 21u
  • Available in grey and black
  • Aesthetically pleasing framed safety glass front door
  • Quick release doors and side panel
  • Adjustable front and rear 19” mounting profiles
  • Removable cable entry panel in top and base. NB. The back is not removable.
  • 600mm wide
  • Sliding 19” mounting angles front and rear
  • Standard ventilation top and bottom
  • Vented framed door with safety glass
  • Rear panel included
  • Easy one-man installation
  • Heavy duty construction, 60kgs (UDL)
  • Comes completely assembled
  • Lockable side panels
  • Door opens 180°, left or right hinged
  • Built in cable strain relief positions

Wall Mount Cabinet  Specifications

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