Test Equipment 

We offer a complete range of fiber optic test and measurement equipment for determining characteristics of both connectors and fibers alike. This includes determination of connector properties via interferometry, the eccentricity between core and ferrule, the insertion and return loss as well as the light distribution

Field Installable Connector Preparation Kit

Optronics field-installable connectors make fibre terminations fast, easy and reliable. These
fiber optic connectors offer terminations in less than five seconds without any hassle and require no epoxy, polishing or crimping.To accompany these connectors, we can also supply all the items needed for their preparation in a handy tool kit. The kit comes complete with all the tools to strip, clean and cleave the fiber.

Cleaning Tools 

we provide The cleaning tools  clean the end face with a dedicated microfiber tissue. This material removes all contaminations and secures them. The antistatic concept prevents static load which could bring new contamination after the cleaning. Unlike traditional cleaning concepts this method does not degrade optical return loss. Products include cleaning tools for the end-faces and ferrules of fiber optic connectors, as well as for the end-faces of plugged connectors through an adapter

Fiber Optic Power Meter
Fiber Optic Light Source

Fiber Optic Fault Locator

Optical Fiber Identifier

Fiber Optic Talk set


Splice Machine 

Fiber Optic Tool Kits 

Variable Fiber Optic Attenuator

Fiber Cable Slitter

Crimping Tool

Fiber Optic Cutter